L&NHS Limited Edition Models — Current Offerings

HO RPO/Baggage car kit made exclusively for the L&NHS by Bethlehem Car Works. The car, series L&N 1300-1314, was constructed with a 30' mail apartment and a two door express compartment making it useful on locals and through trains. The kit features cast resin sides ends and roof, numerous detail parts, and correct trucks by Branchline less wheelsets and couplers. Decals are included. The kits are available through the company store, $65 for L&NHS members and $70 non-members. The production run is limited. Photo of model built by Bob Chapman.

L&N Tool Shed, HO Scale, American Model Builders. Offered in 2012, available from L&NHS Company Store. Model by Dan Bohannon, photo by David Otte.

L&N Bay Window Caboose, HO Scale, Cast resin kit of L&N steel body bay window cabooses L&N 1001-1199 built 1963-66 in the L&N South Louisville Car Shop. Cabooses were later re-numbered to 6001-6199. Many survive today in parks, museums and private ownership. Kit is by Wright Trak Railroad Models and includes one piece body, truck side frames, and detailed interior casting. Photos of red & gray models built by David Orr.

L&N Modernized Heavyweight Coach Kit, HO Scale, Combination core kit with brass car sides of L&N 2551-2563 modernized, smooth side heavyweight coaches rebuilt by the L&N at South Louisville Shops from heavyweight combine cars during 1946-48. Some cars remain in tourist service today. The kit is produced by NKP Car Company and includes brass sides produced by Brass Car Sides, correct length smooth-top roof, ends, top equalized trucks, floor, diaphragms, water tank, roof hatches and vents, and correct steam ejector air conditioning roof top unit produced by Bethlehem Car Works. Photos of model built by Bob Chapman.

L&N Modernized Heavyweight Coach Car Sides, N Scale, Brass sides produced by Brass Car Sides for L&N 2551-2563 modernized smooth side heavyweight coaches rebuilt by the L&N at South Louisville Shops from heavyweight combine cars during 1946-48. Photo of car side package to be provided by Mike Dowell.

L&N Standard Wayside Passenger Shed Kit, HO Scale, Laser-cut wood L&N standard wayside passenger shed produced by L&NHS member Lee Singletary. Easily assembled kit represents L&N standard passenger waiting shed used at small outlying points where construction of a depot was not warranted. Photo of model by Lee Singletary.

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Although nearly a year late, a limited run of Big & Little Woody HO L&N caboose kits are now available from the Company Store in Bowling Green. The kits were produced by Wright Trak Railroad Models exclusively for the society and were introduced at the annual meeting in Corbin. The price for the first run of each caboose is $55 for members and $60 for non-members. They will only be available from the society. Future runs will be a bit more expensive so it behooves you to get your first come-first serve orders in. The kits feature one piece resin bodies and cupolas, decals, truck side frames and bolsters and other detail parts necessary to complete your desired version. The kits do not include wheel sets or couplers.

The Modeling Committee has worked hard to provide these kits; special thanks go to Rusty Evans for his efforts with the producer to resolve production issues, and for his efforts to create instructions. As information, you can contact Rusty if you need someone to build the kit for you at Cabooses Etc.
Email: Lousou111@gmail.com Phone: 502-245-0917

You can purchase these models by following the link below to the models section of the company store.

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