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Prints of Ron Flanary's painting "Now Boarding for Cincinnati" now available!
$40.00 + $8.00 Shipping
The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Historical Society is pleased to announce a limited run of 16 x 20 color prints of Ron Flanary's new painting "Now Boarding for Cincinnati." This painting depicts L&N train 32 (the first section, with "Big Emma" number 1962 for motive power), the "Southland," at the passenger station in Corbin, KY a week before Christmas 1948.

The scene is a cold winter afternoon with some light snow on the ground. Also included in the painting is a glimpse of train 22, the connecting service to Louisville, and station switcher number 2132. That engine was returned to Kentucky in 2016 after years of display in a park in Bainbridge, GA. It was cosmetically restored to like-new appearance by the Corbin Tourism and Convention Commission and dedicated in 2017. The 2132 is one of three former L&N steam locomotives still in existence, and the only one of 400 new locomotives built in the company's South Louisville Shops to survive. Appropriately, the painting depicts 2132 doing what she was designed to do and standing adjacent to the very spot where she is displayed today.

All prints are individually signed by the artist and printed on heavy fade-resistant photographic paper. Each print is securely shipped in a USPS mailing tube via Priority Mail.

This is a limited run. Prints can be ordered directly from the L&NHS at a cost of $40. While the L&NHS normally has a mailing cost option based on the total sales price for all items, these prints must be sent separately in the USPS mailing tubes. The cost for mailing is $8.

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This is a service the L&NHS provides, satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, please return the print with an explanation for a full refund. Please allow time to fill your order, since we rely on volunteers. The L&NHS is an all-unpaid group working as a non-profit educational organization. All proceeds from sales go to future projects.

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